We have a lot of interest at the moment.
Please read the FAQ below before you contact us. Thanks!

Buying & information about the Altered:Nozzle

We will soon launch our pre-order here at altered company.com
First estimated distribution is in December 2016.

B2B, Hospitality Companies & Bulk purchasing

We will be rolling out B2B partnerships in different markets in the future. We have gotten a lot of interest globally, so the initial demand for the product is much higher than anticipated. Therefor we are fully focused on securing production capacity, global distribution and supply chain. Regarding timeline the first delivery is estimated in december 2016. So we believe we will look at different partnerships in different markets somewhere in november. Please send us your company information an scope from the contact form below and we will get back to everyone that has shown an interest as soon as possible. 

Representation & Distribution

We are seeing a lot of interest regarding this product. We are currently in pre-production with planned first delivery in December. After that we will gradually roll out to different markets.  We are very keen to have a serious presence in different markets in the future and would kindly request you to send the information below. This will give us a chance to know each other a bit better and to also ensure that both sides are serious about any potential opportunities. 

1. Your company details and  website. 2. Any corporate information to give us a good idea of your potential scope would be. 3. References from overseas suppliers or companies that you are already dealing with.

Once we have had the time to review the requested information, we will decide on whether a trip to visit you in your country is warranted and makes commercial sense for us. All the best, and should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us again..

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But please check the FAQ above first so we can answer your questions quicker and more accurate. Thanks!

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