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Born Scandinavian


Altered is a Swedish innovation company that provides low effort-high impact solutions for your everyday habits. 

With our Scandinavian heritage we embrace the positive sides and benefits of problems and challenges. We believe in equality, simplicity and sympathy. Our mission is to make things smarter in order to alter things for the better. It's a conscious choice and an exciting journey of discovery and innovation. Rest assured that we are just getting started!


Innovating for Change


We know that it’s almost impossible to change habits. We just have to look at our own lives. So instead we decided to change things. Our products save energy and resources so people don’t have to do it. We call it "Conscious design for new habits". We constantly strive to improve and develop our products to make them better and reach a wider audience.


Precision & Quality


The Altered:Nozzle family of products are made from the highest quality lead free Eco Brass and designed to seamlessly integrate with your faucet and your life.

We strive to constantly improve and secure quality in all aspects of our production to make sure your Altered:Nozzle products live up to your expectations day in and day out.

Water is sensitive in a lot of aspects. Manufacture the nozzles his a high precision task that takes tolerances down to 25 micrometers (µm) to get everything to function as is should. Thats why precision is a key ingridient to extreme water saving.


Altered uses lead free brass, called ECOBRASS, from global metal producer and specialist Wieland. ECOBRASS has been specially developed to meet the latest legal and hygienic requirements worldwide. ECOBRASS contains no toxic additives such as lead and nickel. ECOBRASS shows excellent processing behaviour in machining, forging and cold forming. It has mechanical strength characteristics that fully match some steel grades and its corrosion resistance is significantly superior to that of conventional free-cutting brass.

Chemical composition (nominal, percentage by mass) Cu 76 %, Si 3%, P 0.05%, Zn balance, Pb < 0.09 %