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Same Tap
98% Less Water

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Water Saving Redefined

The Altered:Nozzle products will change the way you use water and energy. The super simple installation and retro-fit solutions make the change possible in a few minutes. Upgrade your regular high flow tap aerator to extreme saving with the Altered:Nozzle. Made from the highest quality lead free Eco Brass and designed to seamlessly integrate with your faucet and your life.

Which Altered:Nozzle product will fit your needs?


hand wash test

The Effectiveness of 2%

Sometimes we have gotten the question if you really get clean when washing hands with only 2% of the regular flow. So, we thought we’d share a video of one of our hand washing test to show you the effectiveness of mist.

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Make Saving Water an Experience


Sustainability is an important factor when people choose hotels. Reducing water use in hotel rooms has a high potential impact for water savings. Put action behind all those CSR initiatives and save money and energy while you provide a new experience to your guests.


business case

The Return on Investment

On average, large commercial buildings use 69 651 liters of water per worker per year. Since 17% is through taps, that means 11 840 liters of water is flushed down the drain per employee every year.

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Household case

Efficiency by Design

With an easy 30-second installation you can turn your dumb tap into a water saving genius. Make your transition from waster to save quick and easy with the Altered:Nozzle Dual flow. Without losing the functionality you expect from your tap.


Discover your needs  

Altered water saving products are designed to fit different needs. 
Domestic or public. Business or home. Hotel or house?


Dual Flow
98–85% Savings

- Mist and Spray Mode
- Pays for itself within months.
- Retrofits into existing taps. Reducing cost.
- One product all taps. Adapters for all common tap sizes
- Dual Flow – Bathroom and Kitchen
- Simple 30 second installation


96% Savings

- Optimized for public areas
- Full functionality with only 0,4 Liter/Minute
- Working from 1.5 bar pressure
- Retrofits into existing taps. Reducing cost.
- Adapters for the most common tap sizes
- Extreme water saving with enhanced experience
- Simple 30 second installation.
- Tamper Proof
- Ships in 5-pack



Experience Atomization

In a regular tap, water gushes out and most of it just passes your hands or bounces off your plates. In the end, you have only used the water that touched your skin. Imagine billions of gallons of fresh water running straight down the drain every day.

With our patent pending atomization technology, we turn the water into a dense mist that shoots out of your tap. Breaking the water into millions of droplets drastically increases the surface area of the water, which makes it possible to use every single drop coming out of your tap.




Foaming soap and water are a great match. A lot less soap is used and soap rinses off faster so you save on water as well. Altered:Soap is a unique luxury soap created especially to fit with our extreme water saving technologies. A mild but cleansing soap that makes washing your hands both a statement and a pleasant experience. 




The Future of Water

There is in total 1,4 billion cubic km3 of water in the world. 97 percent is salt water in the oceans. Only three percent is freshwater and two thirds of the fresh water is bound in glaciers, which leaves less than one percent of all the earth's water available for humans and animals. This is water from lakes, watercourses and groundwater.




Global Challenges
Swedish Solutions

We knows that it’s almost impossible to change habits. So instead we decided to change things. Our products save energy and resources so you don’t have to. 
Conscious design for new habits.


We are Altered